Finding the Best Child Custody Lawyer for Your Divorce

Finding the best Child Custody Lawyer

If you are facing a divorce with children, the issue of custody and access can be extremely difficult to resolve. While there is no right answer, a family law attorney can help ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your situation. A good child custody lawyer in Orlando will work to create a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children involved. This will include time-sharing, visitation and custody with both parents as well as other arrangements.

Generally, the courts prefer that both parents play a substantial role in the life of their children. This may be by sharing decision-making authority, in limited cases sole parental responsibility or, most commonly, joint parental responsibilities with shared overnight and weekend time. While there is a preference for parents of both sexes to play a significant role in the life of their children, this is not always possible or practical, especially if one parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse or if the other is a danger to the children.

The overriding standard in determining custody and access rights is what is in the best interests of the child. While Florida law provides a list of factors that must be considered, there is no definitive guideline as to what is in the best interests of a particular child. Instead, judges use these criteria to help them make the most informed decision in each case. A good Child Support Lawyer in Orlando can help you present a strong argument that your desired parenting arrangement is truly in the best interests of your child.

Even if you do not think your current relationship is over, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible so that they can start working on the parenting plan and other documents that will be needed for the hearing. They can also help you file emergency temporary orders that can be used to protect your children and allow them to stay with you on a temporary basis until the court decides on a permanent custody solution.

Once the parenting plan has been created, it must be approved by a judge before it can become effective. A good attorney can help you prepare the necessary paperwork and attend the hearing on your behalf. They can also assist you with any issues that arise during the process, such as modifications or enforcement of existing orders.

If you are facing a divorce with children, it is important to have an experienced child custody attorney on your side. The legal team at Fighter Law is ready to help you navigate this stressful time in your life and protect your rights as a parent. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options. You can also reach them online to learn more about their services and how they can help you with your child custody dispute. The firm has received many 5-star reviews from past clients who have hired them for their expertise in divorce and family law.

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